The majority are single pack products that are water based with low toxicity and V.O.C. levels.   Used mainly for sensitive application areas such as hospitals, laboratories, food manufacturing establishments and office blocks, and in situations where it is important to maintain sterile surfaces.

                                 %     Coverage    Packing              Application 
                              Solids   per Litre   containers   

100 Rust Converter    40%    20m²/ltr       5 ltr                  Cold B,R,C

Will convert existing corrosion by a chemical reaction with rust to a black inert surface and at the same time keying the surface with a vinyl acrylic primer film.  This provides a high adhesion base that is fully compatible with most conventional high performance coatings.   There is almost no smell.    

WB Concrete Sealer  55%    7m²/ltr       2.5ltr                  Cold B,R

This is a two pack environmentally sensitive concrete sealer for sensitive application areas.

200UV Top Colour Coat  40% 10m²/ltr     5 ltr                  Cold B,R,C

A non-yellowing paint incorporating biosides to allow low maintenance and still inhibit the growth of bacteria and fungi species.   Suitable for use on wood, steel, concrete and previously painted surfaces.   Available in matt, eggshell and gloss. Matt can be used as the undercoat.

300UV Crystal Clear Lacquer  30%  15m/ltr²  5 ltr            Cold B,R,C

A non-yellowing varnish suitable for use on wood and previously painted surfaces as a glaze coat.   Protective varnish for metal substrates.

Neutral Floor & Line Coat  N/A  0.5m²/kg     20Kg            Cold B

A ready to use coloured synthetic surfacing compound formulated for application by hand.   This product thinks it is a bitumen and performs and can be used in situations suitable for bitumens.   This formulation is a combination of resin based emulsions, fine aggregates and non-toxic pigments.


We have a range of bitumens for various application areas and environments.  Please contact us for any special coating needs.

The coatings given below represent only a small fraction that are available.   We also have coatings for tropical and marine use.   They all have good abrasion resistance and adhesion with flexibility and impact strength.   They can be used on steel, alloys, concrete, wood, plastics and they can be applied by brush, roller or airless spray.

                                 %     Coverage    Packing     Price    Application 
                              Solids  per Litre    containers    Litre £ 

852 Bituseal             52%  1.2m²/ltr       5/20ltr        4.25   Cold A,B,R

A compound of bitumen and fibrous material in a hydrocarbon solvent made from selected highly waterproof materials for flat roofs.   It is resistant to dilute acids and alkalis and is suitable as a protective coating for concrete, mineral felt and roof maintenance.

900 Bitupaint(0.9spg) 52%  7m²/ltr   4/20/200ltr      3.50   Cold A,B,R

A homogenous solution of bitumen in hydrocarbon solvent made from selected highly waterproof materials to enable economic application.   It is resistant to dilute acids and alkalis and suitable as a protective coating for structural steelwork, castings, tanks, pipelines, bridges and factory maintenance.

905 Neutral Coat(1.16spg) 54%  2m²/ltr  20/200ltr   6.50   Cold A,B,R

This is a neutral compound for use on steel, iron or concrete as an internal lining or external coating for non-potable water tanks.   It meets BS 6920:1990 and used to have WRAS listing.   It can be used in situations where a taste or odour free dry film is required.   Suitable for filters, insulation, airconditioning ducts, containers, vats and food storage holds.

908 Aluminium Reflective Paint 26% 10m²/ltr 5/20/210ltr 6.25 Cold A,B,R

This is a versatile, simple single pack bituminous aluminium coating in a hydrocarbon solvent which reflects the sun.   It can tolerate damp application surfaces and has the additional advantage in that it can be applied to old coatings and badly prepared surfaces without special surface preparation.   It is easy to maintain by simple re-application to damaged areas.

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