This range consists of a number of single component coatings that are totally compatible with each other.  They are versatile elastomeric coatings with high volume solids for internal and external use which offer excellent resistance to degradation by brine, effluents, UV radiation and a wide range of chemical and solvent attack.  They also have outstanding abrasion resistance and exhibit good adhesion, flexibility and impact strength over a wide temperature range.   They can be used as a decorative system in harsh environments and the main feature is that they are fast curing and can accomodate the application of three coats in one working day.  They can be used on steel, alloys, concrete, wood, plastics and any combination of the complex variety of construction and repair materials used in modern design.  They can be applied by brush, roller or electrical airless spray.

                                    %     Coverage   Packing              Application
                                 Solids   per Litre   containers    

1110 Anti-bleed Primer  50%   12m²/ltr    1/5/20 ltr             Cold B,R,C

Prevents bleeding of colours from surfaces being coated.   Supplied 'off white' only. Excellent adhesion to a wide variety of substrates including ceramic tiles and previously coated surfaces.

1111 Aluminium Rich     55%  15m²/ltr   1/5/20 ltr              Cold B,R,C

A primer or finish coat for steel surfaces, including high temperature work.   Available in three tints, pink, blue and aluminium silver grey. The three tints allow the possibility of distinguishing between coats if the coating is used on its own to give a silver aluminium finish

1211 Intermediate         55%    9m²/ltr   5/20 ltr                 Cold B,R,C

High build intermediate or finish coat with micaceous iron oxide for use on most surfaces including steel.

1311 Colour Top Coat   65%    9m²/ltr    5/20 ltr                 Cold B,R,C

A UV light stable colour or finish coat with excellent chalk resistance.   Available in egg shell finish in all BS4800 and RAL colour range.   Can be used in conjunction  with TITANSEAL 910 and 989.   When used with other coatings other than TITANTHANE, order with added 2% MEK.

1311LS Colour Top Coat  65%  6m²/ltr  2.5/20 ltr               Cold P,B

A UV light stable colour or finish coat as above but with added silica sand to give a sandpaper finish.

1500 Mortar Repair       55%     6m²/ltr   5/20 ltr                 Cold B,T

Based on 1501 but with no solvent and added silica sand.

1501 Concrete Sealer   50%    6m²/ltr    5/20 ltr                 Cold B,R,C

A saturation sealer for concrete and wood surfaces.   It is yellow brown in colour and will penetrate and soak into the surface.   Used to give a stable application surface on dusting or porous concrete.    For added penetration add xylene.

1512 Crystal Clear Coat 53%   10m²/ltr   5/20 ltr                Cold B,R,C

A crystal UV light stable non yellowing finish coat or lacquer that can be applied to existing painted surfaces as well as glazed tiles, or can be used as a concrete or wood sealer when a clear finish is required.   Especially useful in anti-graffiti systems to prevent certain pigments in the graffiti discolouring the final coat and also to act as a barrier against cleaning solvents.


External steelwork
A 3 coat system using 1111, 1211, 1311 on tanks, railings, gates, pipes, cladding panels, ducts, gantries, vents, gasometers and plates.  For curved roofs or tank roofs use 1311LS as the final coat which will give a sandpaper low slip finish.

A 3 coat system using 1501 and two coats of 1311 on bund areas, causeway walls, stair wells, and flooring.    For heavy duty contaminated areas use 1501, 989 and 1512 such as in laboratory and factory areas and in chemical spill floor areas.

A 3 coat system using 1501 and two coats 1311 on wood frames, bill boards and signs.   On shuttering use 3 coats 1501.

For tiled surfaces use 3 to 4 coats of 1512.    For concrete and steel surfaces use a 4 coat system, three as for concrete or steel, with a final coat of 1512.   To stop bleeding of existing graffiti use 1110 after primer or sealer.


Product  Solids  Spec. Theoretical         Drying    Hard     Recoat 
                %     Grav.  Coverage WFT   Times      Dry     Window

 1110      50    1.04     14@50 microns   2-4hrs    4-6hrs   4.24hrs
 1111      50    1.04     14@50 microns   2-4hrs    4-6hrs   4.24hrs
 1115      50    1.04     14@50 microns   2-4hrs    4-6hrs   4.24hrs
 1211      60    1.45     10@100 micron   2-4hrs    4-6hrs   4.24hrs
 1311      55    1.15     9@100 microns   2-4hrs    4-6hrs   4.24hrs
 1501      44    0.98     6@100 microns 1/4-3/4hrs 2-4hrs  4.24hrs
 1512      44    0.98     6@100 microns   2-4hrs    4-6hrs   4.24hrs

Temperature range  -40 to 120C

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Chose TITANTHANE 1111 Aluminium Steel Primer, 
1211 Intermediate Coat, and 1311 Top Coat in company colours for their cooling towers.
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